Mysterious Eyes

Mysterious eyes full of fire,
Talk of passion and desire.
I dream with an open heart.
Always looking for a new start.
The child in me will never die,
For this is truth – I can’t live a lie.
I see my lil self dancing on stars,
Eating icecream sitting on Mars.
Pink candy floss on a sunny day,
Running through  fields of flowers and hay.
Stealing mangoes from the neighbours farm,
Making sure little ladybirds don’t come to harm.
Reading comics in the middle of night,
Exciting “ghost” stories under a flashlight.
Scrapping knees and stubbing toes,
Crying tears and dripping nose.
Chasing little puppies on summer roads,
Jumping in puddles and scaring toads.
Forever a “daydreamer” I will be,
Sitting in the clouds makes me happy:)

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  1. nuatua
    September 26, 2009 at 2:20 am (10 years ago)

    thanks.what’s ur blog


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