The difference between CAN and CAN’T is confidence.

Sometimes you don’t have the confidence…then what.
Simple lesson I learnt in school from my 2nd grade teacher Ms.Lynch. A story of two brothers – Jack and John who were both train drivers. Every morning they had to take passengers across a steep hill to the other side of town. Jack got up everyday with smile and started singing – I WILL, I CAN, I MUST and off he went to the train station and started shovelling in the coal and starting up the engines of his locomotive and when the going got tough he just sang his mantra louder and pushed harder and got people across the other side of the steep hill. John on the other hand was scared and lacked confidence and when the going got tough he gave up saying  – “I can’t, I won’t, I will not be able”.

One day both brothers crossed each other exactly at the steepest point of the hill and that’s when John heard Jack’s song. John then began to sing it too I will, I can, I must and thus both brothers lived happily ever after, loving their work and each other.

Believe in yourself. Believe you can and you will overcome all obstacles and succeed at everything.


These are a few of My Favourite things…..

Walking on spongy wet sands,

Fingers intertwined in a lover’s hands.

Wishing on a shooting star,

Dreaming of exotic world’s afar.

Sipping on sweet coconut nectar,

Snoozing in the shade under a thatched shelter.

Snowflakes resting on my eyelashes and nose,

Thinking of “YOU” with my eyes closed.

Long energizing runs along the lake,

Wafting aromas of fresh bread’s bake.

Smell of the earth before the rain,

Walking through fresh paddy fields of grain.

Phone calls from friends to say ”hello”!

Creamy fruit cakes with lots of jello. 

Penthouses with lots of loving light,

Dream destinations on a luxury flight.

A sleek white yacht to see the world 

Opening doors, waiting for each day to unfold!



Aquarian Woman

She walks away in a “cloud of dust”,
Time defines the day of lust. 
You can touch, hold and see
But forever she will be free.

You belong and not so much,
Elusive like fibres of silk to touch.
Like a vapor of perfume on the skin
Enticing the hunter in a game to win!

Anu painting

Hello world!

My world through your eyes

Seems real yet so illusionary.

I feel the truth between lies

Am I an honest visionary?

Living life for every moment’s worth,

Never fearing the day I will lay on your hearth.


Friends or Foes – Who knows?

Evil words and evil actions

Bring forth foul attractions.

Simply state facts and improve actions.

Don’t overreact and show your reactions.

Cross your “t” and close your ends,

Learn to clean and sow your mends.

Be true to yourself and your friends

Or you’ll find you’re surrounded by fiends

Heartaches vs. Headaches

Have you ever thought?

Why you’re all distraught

‘Coz you’re battling with your head vs. your heart.

The only WIN is strike the bull eye with a dart.

But you’ll never know this way or that

‘Coz you’ve put too much into a hat!

Just feel what you feel and trust that part,

Nothing else, can tell the “TRUTH” apart!

Love Hurts!

Every move away is a step so far,

For love is like a shooting star.

Too much to soon, to much to touch,

A love so great, u will need a crutch!

Awaiting each touch of the lips,

And every single hug of the hips,

You beg – you plead but for a look, a sigh,

Away from anything else that attracts the eye.

Kiss me and miss me – oops! and you will lose,

Love me and own me, I believe that’s what u’ll choose.


Pain that hurts like swords of death

It’s nothing like life forgets

For once and again a free for all

Tell the truth or you shall fall

Love lost and hearts harmed

Dream no more for coasts are gone

The ship has sailed and you lie awake

Wait for death to give you a break.

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