My Poems

Elusive Enigma


Love is an elusive enigma

In a world full of drama.

It cannot he explained to a cynic

It cannot be cured in a clinic.

Its sharing warmth sitting close on a park bench,

Its lovers holding hands in a cold trench.

Knowing what you share without words spoken,

Sharing your last dime to buy a love token.

But its still elusive like sand slipping through fingers

The harder you try to hold it the less it lingers.



Ahaa i luv ur touch

Please knead my cried muscles

Relieve me of my tired tussles

I live life to the limit

Till I can pull out the rabbit

My chest heaves with exertion

My nerves reek of exhaustion

It feels like a tug of war

When everyone follow a “Star”




good gal aka notty one

Kiss the man

Miss the woman

Who cares for its a moment

Live it up or have it spent

I love my world turned inside out

Without having an emotional bout

Stuffed olives or olives in a mushroom,

Be the bride or the bridegroom

Who are we to choose one or the other

Or beg the editor to be on the cover

Love me or leave for I am “me”

I am sure u will all agree.

Bohemian Look

The Bohemian look,

Borrowed from a book

Brings to life a creature unreal

A charmer who can kiss and steal.

She will capture with one smile 

Walk the never ending mile.

You think you know her now,

Next minute you wonder how?

Dreams without Seams

Dreams without seams unfold

Stories come forth untold.

Live some and love the dream,

My favourites are sweet like sugar ‘n’ cream.

Others unfold like a horror flick,

When they just murder the chick!

Dreams are but “your real” turned inside out,

No can hear your screams when you shout!

New Endings

New endings are just disguised opportunities,

Hiding under your dogs fur coat like fleas.

When they finally come out to play,

Weigh your options don’t just throw away.

Search for gold in the dirt and dust,

Go with your gut and that I trust!



Naughty not Nice!

Who said I am naughty not nice?

Did you say I am full of sugar and spice?

It does not matter what one thinks or feels

The core is what matters not the onion peels.

Don’t let them get under your skin,

Its your right to goodness or sin.

Cooking n shooking!

Love my maggi curry noodles,

And my sugar dripping strudels.

Sour and spicy indian pickles,

Aromatic spices that awaken tickles.

Lemon flavoured fluffy white rice

Soda pops, ice-cream and fat fries.

I am a food lover – I admit

Know wonder my clothes don’t  fit!!!

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