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An Affair with Art in Dallas

What an affair with art it was!!! Dallas was dazzling with celebrities, art patrons and art lovers who all came out to support an art show with a difference and helped raised funds for Kingdom of Heaven charity!

dallas art show (2)

This almost SOLD OUT art show featured abstract expressionist artist Anu Vittal and abstract figurative artist Vishal Misra who showcased their bold and creative creations in the light of “Stree Shakti” or women empowerment and the roles that each woman plays in our lives as mother’s, daughters, sisters, wives, colleagues, friends and the list goes on.

It was a true celebration of women and bringing them to power through colour and figure in each art piece! Thanks to the support of the Dallas community, the show was a super success and people are already asking about the next Affair with Art in Texas!

Dallas-art-show (3)