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The difference between CAN and CAN’T is confidence.

Sometimes you don’t have the confidence…then what.
Simple lesson I learnt in school from my 2nd grade teacher Ms.Lynch. A story of two brothers – Jack and John who were both train drivers. Every morning they had to take passengers across a steep hill to the other side of town. Jack got up everyday with smile and started singing – I WILL, I CAN, I MUST and off he went to the train station and started shovelling in the coal and starting up the engines of his locomotive and when the going got tough he just sang his mantra louder and pushed harder and got people across the other side of the steep hill. John on the other hand was scared and lacked confidence and when the going got tough he gave up saying  – “I can’t, I won’t, I will not be able”.

One day both brothers crossed each other exactly at the steepest point of the hill and that’s when John heard Jack’s song. John then began to sing it too I will, I can, I must and thus both brothers lived happily ever after, loving their work and each other.

Believe in yourself. Believe you can and you will overcome all obstacles and succeed at everything.