September 2009 archive

Heartaches vs. Headaches

Have you ever thought?

Why you’re all distraught

‘Coz you’re battling with your head vs. your heart.

The only WIN is strike the bull eye with a dart.

But you’ll never know this way or that

‘Coz you’ve put too much into a hat!

Just feel what you feel and trust that part,

Nothing else, can tell the “TRUTH” apart!

Love Hurts!

Every move away is a step so far,

For love is like a shooting star.

Too much to soon, to much to touch,

A love so great, u will need a crutch!

Awaiting each touch of the lips,

And every single hug of the hips,

You beg – you plead but for a look, a sigh,

Away from anything else that attracts the eye.

Kiss me and miss me – oops! and you will lose,

Love me and own me, I believe that’s what u’ll choose.