March 2009 archive

Cooking n shooking!

Love my maggi curry noodles,

And my sugar dripping strudels.

Sour and spicy indian pickles,

Aromatic spices that awaken tickles.

Lemon flavoured fluffy white rice

Soda pops, ice-cream and fat fries.

I am a food lover – I admit

Know wonder my clothes don’t  fit!!!

Spring Day

Spoonfuls of crispy golden cornflakes,

Fresh marmalade and sweet grapes.

Savouring each moment of bliss,

I watch the fluffy clouds kiss.

A spring day of sunshine,

Waits in anticipation to be all mine.

Sleepless Dreams

Dreamless sleep or sleepless dreams,

Take shape into telltale screams.

Can’t say I care not or that I dare not,

Sometime you can’t say that you forgot.

So face forward and plod ahead

Or would you rather rest instead?

Pleasures of the night


Pleasures of the night

In the dark they seem so right

Tinkling glasses of wine

Make me feel so divine.

Desperation to numb the senses

Makes me climb the fences.

Inner innocent child breaks free

To do the things that make me happy J

Sublimely subconscious

Early morning dreams

Run into silent screams,

Deep in thought

I feel over wrought

Sublimely subconscious

I wish I were unconscious

Feelings turn into pain

I wait for the sweet rain

Denial is defeat

And that’s not up my street!