February 2009 archive

Smokin on High Heels….

Smokin on super high heels,

When I’m not ridin my wheels!

Brunette with her hair in waves

Brings out the boys from their caves.

Smokey circles tell a tale,

Of  waiting for love in the mail.

For all  of  you who let me go,

You will never really know????

Totally Tipsy…hic!

My totally tipsy woes

Could not even touch my toes!

Hic..hic hiccups in rows,

Unstoppable emotion in throes.

To hell with the past

And people aghast

I am free at last

Sailing my ship at full mast.

Drunk as any good sailor can be,

Blind as a duck in fog can see.

I love it; I live it – you will agree?

If not you can go climb a tree!

Bulls Eye

Deep regrets by the dozen

Won’t get back ur favourite cousin.

Things done and things said,

Stay with a person till their dead.

Talk true and smile from the heart,

It will hit them on bulls eye like dart.

Tricksters @ Fuck you.com

They lie through and they lay low,
Hold to you when you don’t know
Touching feeling their way through
Ulterior motives show “True”.
Dirty, nasty disgusting moves,
Worse than the Devil’s groves!
Trust Not! Is the golden rule..
Break that law n you’re the fool!


Crusty brown bread in rustic fashion
Creamy cheese,olives n fruits of passion
Dance delightfully within my teeth
Spreading flavours like a treat.

Bite after bite of delicious flavour
Mouthfuls of magic I do devour
Like a picnic basket full of love
I enjoy freedom with new teeth now