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With every breath of imagination


You can create a masterpiece of creation.


Be it your dream, a song or a sight,


Entangle its knots and bring it to light.


In all of us there is “YOU” – a unique bit,


It’s our gift and we just have to use it.


Whether it’s a stroke on canvas or a hum of tune,


Create and share it with all like the sands on a dune.


Elephants in the steam room!@#$!

Two ’lil elephants in the steam room sat,

Scrubbing, seemingly melting all the fat.

The beautified their faces, body and hands,

Anointments of every kind from different lands.

Citrus scrubs, pigs fat and pumpkin seeds,

Apricot mask, red mud and rosy beads.

I wondered if they actually worked from inside out,

For beauty from within is not that stout.

As much as they worked on their outer skin,

It would affect them more if they worked from within.

Classical Nights

Sand dunes dance in the moonlight,
Bedouins talk about the next site.
Woman gather in black dark robes,
Children play n watch the fire strobes.
Naughty eyes dawn full of hope,
Untie camels from their rope.
Chaos and calm altogether,
Classical nights rein to a tether.

True Friends are……

Like still, cool waters that calm you,

With warm passions that match yours too.

Full of surprises like waves on a lake

When you’re down they give you a shake.

They love you just the way you are,

You are always their favorite rock star.

Like sugar and spice or fire on ice,

They tell you when things are “not nice”.

A world without true friends is a waste,

So select carefully – don’t be in haste.

My Favorite Things…

Walking on spongy wet sands,

Fingers intertwined in lover’s hands.

Wishing on a shooting star,

Dreaming of world’s afar.

Sipping on sweet coconut nectar,

Snoozing under a thatched shelter.

Snowflakes on my eyelashes and nose,

Thinking of “you” with my eyes closed.

Long energizing runs along the lake,

Wafting aromas of fresh bread bake.

Smell of the earth before the rain,

Walking through paddy fields of grain.

Phone calls from friends to say “hello”!

Creamy fruit cakes with lots of jello. 

Penthouses with lots of light,


Dream destinations on a flight.


A white sleek yacht to see the world


Opening doors, seeing the days unfold.



Tickled Laughter

Tickled laughter like tinkling bells

Bursts forth as the chest that swells.

Gurgles and goo-goos and gasps of air

Happiness flows from toe to hair.

Smiles from a child you hold dear,

Bring your hearts to abide  near.

Dream along……

Dream along my little child

Don’t be afraid of being riled

For people who live without ambition

Have nuthin but bullets for ammunition

Their despair wants to strike us down

Their ego seems to live with a frown.

No matter what people say or do,

You must walk along the path true,

Believe in yourself and live alive,

Jump of the cliff and take the dive.

You will see a new world ahead,

Risk it! Or might as well be dead.

Cities kiss me

Cities kiss me

People miss me.

I live for now

Sail on a “dhow”.

Eat “papdi” on the street

Listen to the drums beat.

Swim with baby dolphins

Eat soup with shark fins.

Walk alongside the Nile,

Run the everlasting mile.

You can’t stop or hold me

‘Coz I was born to be free.

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